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cMulticast Standard properties

These properties are used to configure cMulticast running in the Standard Job framework.

The Standard cMulticast component belongs to the Routing family.

Basic settings


Add as many lines as needed in the URIs table to define the endpoints to route the message(s) to.

Use ParallelProcessing

Select this check box to multicast the message(s) to the specified endpoints simultaneously.

set timeout

Select this check box and set a timeout in the Timeout field, in milliseconds. If cMulticast fails to send and process all the messages within the set timeframe, it breaks out and continues.

Note that this check box appears only when the Use ParallelProcessing check box is selected.

Use Aggregation Strategy

Select this check box to refer to a predefined Java bean as an aggregation strategy for assembling the messages from the message source into a single outgoing message.

By default, the last message acts as the outgoing message.

Stop On Exception

Select this check box to stop the processing immediately when an exception occurred.


Usage rule

cMulticast can be used as a middle or end component in a Route.


Route: Select this link to route the message(s) from the sender to the next endpoint.

  EndBlock: Select this link to route the message(s) from the end block of the Route to the next endpoint.



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