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Prerequisites to using tMelissaDataAddress component

Before being able to use the tMelissaDataAddress component, follow these steps:
  • To retrieve longitude and latitude data and the GeoCode result codes:
    • Purchase a GeoCode or a GeoPoint license.
    • Install Melissa Data with the GeoPoint and GeoCode data files.
  • Add the path to the folder containing the mdAddr library to the system environment variables. The following table lists the required paths to the libraries depending on the selected option.
    GeoCoder Licensing Agreement Required libraries Example
    No Melissa GeoCoder License Was Purchased
    • mdAddr.dll
    • mdAddrJavaWrapper.dll
    • mdRightFielder.dll*
    • mdRightFielderJavaWrapper.dll*
    On Windows
    The Melissa GeoPoint License Was Purchased
    • mdGeo.dll
    • mdGeoJavaWrapper.dll
    • mdAddr.dll
    • mdAddrJavaWrapper.dll
    • mdRightFielder.dll*
    • mdRightFielderJavaWrapper.dll*
    The Melissa GeoCoder License Was Purchased
    * This library is required when the only input column is Address.

    When the system environment variable is not set correctly, the following error is to be expected: java.lang.Error: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError.

  • On Linux, restart your computer after setting your system environment variables to take the changes into account.

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