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The Multi Schema Editor

The Multi Schema Editor enables you to:

  • set the path to the source file,

    Information noteWarning: Use absolute path (instead of relative path) for this field to avoid possible errors.
  • define the source file properties,

  • define data structure for each of the output schemas.

When you define data structure for each of the output schemas in the Multi Schema Editor, column names in the different data structures automatically appear in the input schema lists of the components that come after tFileInputMSDelimited. However, you can still define data structures directly in the Basic settings view of each of these components.

The Multi Schema Editor also helps to declare the schema that should act as the source schema (primary key) from the incoming data to insure its unicity.The editor uses this mapping to associate all schemas processed in the delimited file to the source schema in the same file.

The editor opens with the first column, that usually holds the record type indicator, selected by default. However, once the editor is open, you can select the check box of any of the schema columns to define it as a primary key.

The below figure illustrates an example of the Multi Schema Editor.

For detailed information about the usage of the Multi Schema Editor, see Reading a multi structure delimited file.

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