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Configuring the components


  1. Double-click the tFileInputMSPositional component to show its Basic settings view and define its properties.
  2. In the File name/Stream field, type in the path to the input file. Also, you can click the [...] button to browse and choose the file.
  3. In the Header Field Position field, enter the start-end position for the schema identifier in the input file, 0-1 in this case as the first character in each row is the schema identifier.
  4. Click the [+] button twice to added two rows in the Records table.
  5. Click the cell under the Schema column to show the [...] button.
    Click the [...] button to show the schema naming box.
  6. Enter the schema name and click OK.
    The schema name appears in the cell and the schema editor opens.
  7. Define the schema car_owner, which has four columns: schema_id, car_make, owner and age.
  8. Repeat the steps to define the schema car_insurance, which has four columns: schema_id, car_owner, age and car_insurance.
  9. Connect tFileInputMSPositional to the car_owner component with the Row > car_owner link, and the car_insurance component with the Row > car_insurance link.
  10. In the Header value column, type in the schema identifier value for the schema, 1 for the schema car_owner and 2 for the schema car_insurance in this case.
  11. In the Pattern column, type in the length of each field in the schema, the number of characters, number, etc in each field, 1,8,10,3 for the schema car_owner and 1,10,3,3 for the schema car_insurance in this case.
  12. In the Skip from header field, type in the number of beginning rows to skip, 2 in this case as the two rows in the beginning just describes the two schemas, instead of the values.
  13. Choose Table (print values in cells of a table) in the Mode area of the components car_owner and car_insurance.

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