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Configuring the tMap component


  1. Double-click the tMap component to open the Map Editor and do necessary fields reorganization and concatenation.
  2. In the Map Editor, click the plus button in the upper-right corner to open a dialog box where you can give a name to the new output table, regex in this scenario.
    This will create a new link in the tMap component holding the same name and that you can use to connect tMap to the next component.
  3. In the lower-right corner of the map Editor, click the plus button to define the fields in the regex output table.
  4. In the upper half of the Map Editor, drop fields from the input table to fill the fields of the output schema as necessary. For more information regarding data mapping, see Mapping data flows.
    In this scenario, we want to concatenate the Matches, and Non-Matches fields from the incoming data flow in one output column: Purpose.We want as well to have a new column in the output schema called Path. And finally, we do not want to have any rating-related information in the output schema.
  5. Click Ok to validate and close the Map Editor.
  6. Right-click tMap and select the regex link to connect tMap to tFileOutputDelimited.

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