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Context definition and usage

A context is characterized by parameters.
Term Definition
Context Gathers into a group the parameters that are used to execute a Job in certain configurations. A context includes one context group at least, and one or more context variables.
Context group Contains the values of context variables, different context groups have different names.
Context variable Has a value and belongs to a context. Context variables may have different or identical names and values in different context groups.
You can set the Job contexts:
  • In the Run view
  • In the Browse Reports dialog box of the tDqReportRun component. The selected reports overwrite the Job contexts set in the Run and Context views.

When a Job is running, the context selected in the Run view is the only one to be taken into account. The context groups in the analysis editor and the Default context group in the Context view are ignored.

Updating a context

After updating a context used by the tDqReportRun component:
  • If it is a built-in context, regenerate the Jobs using this context.
  • If it is a repository context, open the Jobs using this context to accept the update.
This applies to main and referenced projects.

The contexts in the generated Jobs are in built-in mode.

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