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Configuring the components


  1. Double-click tRSSInput to open its Basic settings view and define the component properties.
  2. Enter the URL for the RSS_Feed to access. In this scenario, tRSSInput links to the Talend RSS_Feed:
  3. In the design workspace, double-click tRSSOutput to display its Basic settings view and define the component properties.
  4. In the File name field, use the by default file name and path, or browse to set your own for the output XML file.
  5. Select the encoding type on the Encoding Type list.
  6. In the Mode area, select RSS.
  7. In the Channel panel, enter a title, a description, a publication date and a link to define your input data as a whole.
  8. In the Optional Channel Element, define the RSS flow metadata. In this example, the flow has two metadata: copyright, which value is tos, and language which value is en_us.
  9. Click Edit Schema to modify the schema if necessary.
    Information noteNote:

    You can click Sync Column to retrieve the generated schema from the preceding component.

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