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Configuring the tELTSAPMap Job

You can create a Talend Job using the tELTSAPMap component that allows you to extract data from SAP application tables.

The tELTSAPMap component allows you to define a query on the Job, which is then executed on the SAP application server.

This sample scenario shows you how to extract data from the SAP sales invoice header table, VBRK.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have performed the steps in Configuring your FTP server and other SAP-related tasks.
  • Ensure that you have custom function modules available in the SAP source system installed by transport files. You can find the transport files at the Talend Studio installation path: ~\plugins\org.talend.libraries.sap_#.#.#.########_####\resources.


  1. Launch Talend Studio.
  2. Configure the SAP connection.
    1. Select Metadata > SAP Connections > Create SAP connection.
    2. Enter your SAP server details in the fields provided.
  3. Retrieve the SAP table where you want to extract data from. Right-click the newly created SAP Connection and select Retrieve SAP Table.
    In this example, retrieve the VBRK (sales invoice header) table.
  4. Create a Standard Job that includes the tSAPConnection, tELTSAPInput,tELTSAPMap, and the tFileOutputDelimited components.
  5. Configure the tELTSAPInput to specify the VBRK table.
  6. Connect the VBRK tELTSAPInput component to tELTSAPMap.
  7. Select tELTSAPMap and open the Map Editor.
  8. Select the fields that you wish to use for the output. Drag and drop from the left-hand side to the right-hand side.

    Ensure that you have the following generated query:

  9. Add the SAP connection and FTP connection details in the Basic settings tab of the tELTSAPMap component.
  10. Click Run to execute the Job.

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