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SAP third-party integration

This section explains how to integrate Talend and SAP.

Although it has the necessary modules, SAP cannot cater to all the information needs of a business by itself. In order to meet the custom requirements of a business, SAP needs to integrate with other systems. Data conversion and enrichment from/to SAP from other data sources is a very common use case.

There are several ways to integrate Talend and SAP:
  • Using BAPI calls
  • Using Talend SAP RFC Server to process IDocs
  • Using Talend components to access SAP tables

Using BAPI calls to integrate Talend and SAP

Talend supports reading and writing based on Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPI). This BAPI feature allows users to import the BAPI structure into the Talend Repository as part of the Metadata. Talend supports the following structures:
  • Single Input
  • Structure Input
  • Table Input

Using Talend SAP RFC Server to process IDocs

Talend SAP RFC Server is a module used to receive and send IDocs. Talend supports all IDocs structures in Talend Data Mapper. Talend SAP RFC Server is able to process several IDocs at the same time.

  • tSAPIDocReceiver

    The tSAPIDocReceiver component connects to Talend SAP RFC Server, which receives IDocs in any format after authentication to SAP Gateway. This data can be extracted with Talend Data Mapper and used by any other Talend component.

  • tSAPIdocOutput

    The tSAPIdocOutput component can upload IDoc datasets in XML format to SAP System.

There are more Talend SAP RFC Server components that support SAPBW and SAP HANA. The tSAPBWInput component works via the JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) API. More features and functionalities are always being added to the Talend products to support SAPBI and BW.

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