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Test the SAP connection on Talend Cloud

This topic tests the SAP connection on Talend Cloud


  1. Create a SAP profile on the Remote Engine by selecting the target remote engine from the Engine menu and click Add Profile.

    The job needs to be executed with an extra Java options to set the java.library.path to the sapjco directory on the remote engine server. Set the following two parameters.

    • Name = SAP Library
    • JVM Arguments = -Djava.library.path=/opt/talend/saprfc/user/lib
  2. Create an SAP connection and set SAP Connection details.

    Enter the SAP connection credentials. Note that the SAP connection credentials can be shared across Jobs if you created context variables and store the SAP connection credentials in the variables in the context.

  3. Create a task from the job artifact.
  4. Assign the previously created connection to the task.
  5. Set the target remote engine and SAP profile.
  6. Run the task.
    The information shown in the following figure shows that the connection is created successfully.

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