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Configuring the Job for retrieving data from SAP through ODP


  1. Double-click the tSAPODPInput component to open its Basic settings view.
  2. In the connection configuration related fields, specify the authentication information required to access your SAP system.
  3. Click the [...] button to open the schema dialog box and define the schema by adding four columns, GJAHR, DMSHB, and HWAER of String type, and BUDAT of Date type with the date pattern yyyy-MM-dd, whose data will be retrieved.

    You can use the SAP metadata wizard to create a connection to your SAP system, save the connection in the Repository, retrieve the Business Content Extractor and its schema to be used, drag and drop the retrieved Business Content Extract node onto the Job design workspace as a tSAPODPInput component, and the connection configuration and the schema will be automatically filled. For more information, see the related description of centralizing SAP metadata.

  4. In the Service name field, enter the name of the operational delta queue to be used, 0FI_GL_14 in this example.
  5. In the Subscriber name and Subscriber process name fields, enter the names of the subscriber and subscriber process to be used, GCLAUSSN and GCLAUSSN_FIGL14 in this example.
  6. Select the Execute a full extraction check box to retrieve full data from the SAP system.
  7. Click the [+] button below the Selection Group table to add as many filters as needed to filter data to be retrieved and specify each filter.

    In this example, only the records whose BUDAT value is set between 1995-05-01 and 1995-05-31 and is not equal to 1995-05-22 will be retrieved, so the following two filters will be added.

    • One filter is set on the column BUDAT, with the sign Include, the operator Between, the low value 19950501 and the high value 19950530, which will filter the records whose BUDAT value is set between 1995-05-01 and 1995-05-31.

    • Another filter is also set on the column BUDAT, with the sign Exclude, the operator Equal, and the value 19950522, which will filter out the records whose BUDAT value is equal to 1995-05-22.

    To check which column can be used to define a filter, start transaction RSA2 in SAP GUI and display all fields definition for 0FI_GL_14, only the field whose Selection Poss. check box is selected can be used to define a filter.

  8. Double-click the tFileOutputDelimited component to open its Basic settings view.
  9. In the File Name field, specify the path to the file in which retrieved data will be written, D:/tsapodpinput_out.csv in this example.

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