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Creating a Job for loading data using the COPY command

Create a Job to open a connection to access a Snowflake database, then create a Snowflake table and several records and insert these records into the table using the COPY command, and finally get and display the records on the console.


  1. Create a new Job and add a tSnowflakeConnection component, a tFixedFlowInput component, a tSnowflakeOutputBulkExec component, a tSnowflakeInput component, a tSnowflakeClose component, two tSnowflakeRow components and two tLogRow components by typing their names in the design workspace or dropping them from the Palette.
  2. Link the tFixedFlowInput component to the tSnowflakeOutputBulkExec component using a Row > Main connection.
  3. Do the same to link the tSnowflakeOutputBulkExec component to the first tLogRow component and link the tSnowflakeInput component to the second tLogRow component.
  4. Link the tSnowflakeConnection component to the first tSnowflakeRow component using a Trigger > OnSubjobOk connection.
  5. Do the same to link the first tSnowflakeRow component to the second tSnowflakeRow component, the second tSnowflakeRow component to the tFixedFlowInput component, the tFixedFlowInput component to the tSnowflakeInput component, the tSnowflakeInput component to the tSnowflakeClose component.

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