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Creating a Job for writing and reading Snowflake data

Create a Job to connect to Snowflake, create a Snowflake table, write data into the table and then read data from the table, finally close the connection to Snowflake.

Before you begin

  • The Snowflake data warehouse to be used is started but not in the Suspended status.

  • The Snowflake role assigned to you has read and write permissions to the database to be connected.

If you are not sure about these requirements, ask the administrator of your Snowflake system.


  1. In the Integration perspective of Talend Studio, create a new Job from the Job Designs node in the Repository tree view.
  2. Add a tSnowflakeConnection component, a tSnowflakeRow component, a tFixedFlowInput component, a tSnowflakeOutput component, a tSnowflakeInput component, a tLogRow component, and a tSnowflakeClose component to the Job.
  3. Connect the tFixedFlowInput component to the tSnowflakeOutput component using a Row > Main connection.
  4. Do the same to connect the tSnowflakeInput component to the tLogRow component.
  5. Connect the tSnowflakeConnection component to the tSnowflakeRow component using a Trigger > On Subjob Ok connection.
  6. Do the same to connect the tSnowflakeRow component to the tFixedFlowInput component, the tFixedFlowInput component to the tSnowflakeInput component, and the tSnowflakeInput component to the tSnowflakeClose component.

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