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Default schema columns

This section presents the detailed information about the default schema columns provided natively with the tSynonymSearch component.

Tip: In addition to the matching-related information presented in the default schema columns, you need to define more columns in order to output the input data and their matched reference entries.




Group IDs. These IDs are created automatically at runtime to index the input data groups recognized by this component.


Numbers of the matched reference entries for each group of the input data. This size is limited by the number you set in the Limit of each group field and presents always the entries scored the highest.


Lucene score used to measure in total the match degree between the selected input columns and their matched reference entries. The Lucene score is a numerical value that starts from 0 and is not bounded. Good matches will usually score higher than 1, but there is no definite rule to choose what is a good match and what is a bad match.


Lucene scores used to measure the match degree between each input column you have selected and its matching reference entries.


Number of the input columns you have selected for the matching operation.

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