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Executing the Job

  1. Press F6 to run this Job.

    The execution result reads as follows in the console of the Run view.

    From this result, if you take the input data Chris Toom for example, you can see that:

  • this record is recognized as group 2 with a group size equal to 3. This means that 3 pairs of exact match reference entries are found from the two synonym indexes in use. The exact match for the first name are Christian, Christiaan and Christoffel, and the exact match for the last name are toomx3.

  • the SCORES column contains two sub-columns.

    These sub-columns present the matching scores in regards to the matched_fname and to the matched_lname reference columns respectively. Each figure listed in the SCORE column is equal to the sum of the two figures of the same row in the sub-columns of the SCORES column.

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