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  1. Launch Talend Studio and create an empty Job.
  2. Drop a tSystem component from the Palette to the design workspace.
  3. Double-click tSystem to open its Basic settings view and do the following.
    1. Select Use Array Command.
      The Command table appears.
    2. Add a row in the Command table by clicking the plus button on the bottom of the table.
    3. Type "cmd" in the row.
    4. Add four more rows in the table in the same way and type "/c", "copy", "d:\\customers.txt", and "d:\\temp\\customers.txt" in the rows.
    This command copies d:\customers.txt to d:\temp.
    Information noteNote:
    • Because the tSystem component runs without a command shell, you need to create a command interpreter first before executing a command. You can create a command interpreter by typing "cmd" and "/c" (for Microsoft Windows) or "/bin/bash" and "-c" (for Linux) in the first two rows, as shown in the following screenshot.
    • Put each of the command parameter in an individual row in the Command table.
  4. Select the to console from the Standard Output drop-down list.
  5. Leave the other options as they are.
  6. Press F6 to run this Job.


The console prompts that a file is copied, indicating that the command is executed successfully.

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