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FTP components

tFTPClose Closes an active FTP connection to release the occupied resources.
tFTPConnection Opens an FTP connection to transfer files in a single transaction.
tFTPDelete Deletes files or folders in a specified directory on an FTP server.
tFTPFileExist Checks if a file or a directory exists on an FTP server.
tFTPFileList Lists all files and folders directly under a specified directory based on a filemask pattern.
tFTPFileProperties Retrieves the properties of a specified file on an FTP server.
tFTPGet Downloads files to a local directory from an FTP directory.
tFTPPut Uploads files from a local directory to an FTP directory.
tFTPRename Renames files in an FTP directory.
tFTPTruncate Truncates files in an FTP directory.

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