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Greenplum components

tGreenplumBulkExec Improves performance when loading data in a Greenplum database.
tGreenplumClose Closes a connection to the Greenplum database.
tGreenplumCommit Commits global transaction in one go instead of repeating the operation for every row or every batch and thus provides gain in performance.
tGreenplumConnection Opens a connection to the specified database that can then be reused in the subsequent subJob or subJobs.
tGreenplumGPLoad Bulk loads data into a Greenplum table either from an existing data file, an input flow, or directly from a data flow in streaming mode through a named-pipe.
tGreenplumInput Reads a database and extracts fields based on a query.
tGreenplumOutput Executes the action defined on the table and/or on the data of a table, according to the input flow from the previous component.
tGreenplumOutputBulk Prepares the file to be used as parameter in the INSERT query to feed the Greenplum database.
tGreenplumOutputBulkExec Provides performance gains during Insert operations to a Greenplum database.
tGreenplumRollback Avoids to commit part of a transaction involuntarily.
tGreenplumRow Acts on the actual DB structure or on the data (although without handling data), depending on the nature of the query and the database.

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