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HDFS components

tHDFSCompare Compares two files in HDFS and based on the read-only schema, generates a row flow that presents the comparison information.
tHDFSConfiguration Enables the reuse of the connection configuration to HDFS in the same Job.
tHDFSConnection Connects to a given HDFS so that the other Hadoop components can reuse the connection it creates to communicate with this HDFS.
tHDFSCopy Copies a source file or folder into a target directory in HDFS and removes this source if required.
tHDFSDelete Deletes a file located on a given Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS).
tHDFSExist Checks whether a file exists in a specific directory in HDFS.
tHDFSGet Copies files from Hadoop distributed file system(HDFS), pastes them in a user-defined directory and if needs be, renames them.
tHDFSInput Extracts the data in a HDFS file for other components to process it.
tHDFSList tHDFSList retrieves a list of files or folders based on a filemask pattern and iterates on each unity.
tHDFSOutput Writes data flows it receives into a given Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS).
tHDFSOutputRaw Transfers data of different formats such as hierarchical data in the form of a single column into a given HDFS file system.
tHDFSProperties Creates a single row flow that displays the properties of a file processed in HDFS.
tHDFSPut Connects to Hadoop distributed file system to load large-scale files into it with optimized performance.
tHDFSRename Renames the selected files or specified directory on HDFS.
tHDFSRowCount Reads a file in HDFS row by row in order to determine the number of rows this file contains.

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