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MSSql components

tMSSqlBulkExec Offers gains in performance while executing the Insert operations to a Microsoft SQL Server database.
tMSSqlClose Closes a transaction in the MSSql databases.
tMSSqlColumnList Lists all column names of a given MSSql table.
tMSSqlCommit Commits in one go, using a unique connection, a global transaction instead of doing that on every row or every batch and thus provides gain in performance.
tMSSqlConnection Opens a connection to the specified database that can then be reused in the subsequent subJob or subJobs.
tMSSqlInput Executes a DB query with a strictly defined order which must correspond to the schema definition.
tMSSqlLastInsertId Retrieves the last primary keys added by a user to a MSSql table.
tMSSqlOutput Executes the action defined on the table and/or on the data contained in the table, based on the flow incoming from the preceding component in the Job.
tMSSqlOutputBulk Prepares the file to be used as parameter in the INSERT query to feed the MSSql database.
tMSSqlOutputBulkExec Gains in performance during Insert operations to a Microsoft SQL Server database.
tMSSqlRollback Cancels the transaction commit in the MSSql database and thus avoids to commit part of a transaction involuntarily.
tMSSqlRow Acts on the actual DB structure or on the data (although without handling data).
tMSSqlSP Offers a convenient way to centralize multiple or complex queries in a database and calls them easily.
tMSSqlTableList Lists the names of a given set of MSSql tables using a select statement based on a Where clause.

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