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MySQL components

tMysqlBulkExec Offers gains in performance while executing the Insert operations on a MySQL or Aurora database.
tMysqlClose Closes the transaction committed in a Mysql database.
tMysqlColumnList Iterates on all columns of a given Mysql table and lists column names.
tMysqlCommit Commits in one go, using a unique connection, a global transaction instead of doing that on every row or every batch and thus provides gain in performance.
tMysqlConfiguration Stores connection information and credentials to be reused by other MySQL components.
tMysqlConnection Opens a connection to the specified MySQL database for reuse in the subsequent subJob or subJobs.
tMysqlInput Executes a DB query with a strictly defined order which must correspond to the schema definition.
tMySQLInvalidRows Checks MySQL database rows against specific Data Quality patterns (regular expression) or Data Quality rules (business rule).
tMysqlLastInsertId Obtains the primary key value of the record that was last inserted in a Mysql table by a user.
tMysqlLookupInput Reads a MySQL database and extracts fields based on a query.
tMysqlOutput Writes, updates, makes changes or suppresses entries in a database.
tMysqlOutputBulk Writes a file with columns based on the defined delimiter and the MySQL or Aurora standards.
tMysqlOutputBulkExec Executes the Insert action in the specified MySQL or Aurora database.
tMysqlRollback Cancels the transaction commit in the connected MySQL database to avoid committing part of a transaction involuntarily.
tMysqlRow Executes the stated SQL query on the specified MySQL database.
tMysqlSP Calls a MySQL database stored procedure.
tMysqlTableList Lists the names of a given set of Mysql tables using a select statement based on a Where clause.
tMySQLValidRows Checks MySQL database rows against Data Quality patterns (regular expression).

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