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Where can I find the tHashInput and tHashOutput components

By default, the tHashInput and tHashOutput components from the Technical family are hidden.

Follow these steps to display the components:

  1. Click the icon in the toolbar to open the [Project Settings] window.
  2. Expand Designer and click Palette Settings .

    You can see that the tHashInput and tHashOutput components are in the Hide panel.

    These components are hidden and are not loaded by your Talend Studio when starting, so they do not appear in the Palette .

  3. Select the components you want to add in Talend Studio and click the button to move them from the Hide panel to the Show panel.
  4. Click OK . Your Talend Studio will reload all the components and show the newly displayed in the Palette .

You can hide the components you do not want to use by moving them from the Show panel to the Hide panel. You can show them again when needed. Your Talend Studio will not load these hidden components when starting. This will speed up the boot time of Talend Studio.

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