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Dropping and linking the components


  1. Create a new Job and add the following components by typing their names in the design workspace or dropping them from the Palette: a tTeradataRow component, a tFixedFlowInput component, a tFileOutputDelimited component, a tTeradataTPTExec component, a tTeradataInput component, and a tLogRow component.
  2. Connect tFixedFlowInput to tFileOutputDelimited using a Row > Main connection.
  3. Do the same to connect tTeradataInput to tLogRow.
  4. Connect tTeradataRow to tFixedFlowInput using a Trigger > On Subjob Ok connection.
  5. Do the same to connect tFixedFlowInput to tTeradataTPTExec and tTeradataTPTExec to tTeradataInput.

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