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Configuring the input component

Before you begin

You downloaded the file.


  1. Double-click tFixedFlowInput to open its Basic settings view in the Component tab.
  2. Click the Edit schema button to define the columns of the source dataset and their data type.
  3. Click the [+] button to add the schema columns.


    In this example, the input schema is made of six columns to show the ways to transliterate supported by the tJapaneseTransliterate component.

  4. Click OK to validate these changes and accept the propagation when prompted.
  5. In the Mode area, select Use Inline Content(delimited file).
  6. Define the characters to be used as Row Separator and Field Separator.
  7. In the Content field, enter the input data.
    In this example, the input sentences in Japanese are duplicated in each of the input columns.

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