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Google Pub/Sub properties

Properties to configure to establish a connection to Google Pub/Sub.

Google Pub/Sub connection



Selection Select or enter Pub/Sub.
Engine Select your engine in the list.
Connection Project name Enter the unique identifier of your Google Cloud Platform project. This information is available on the Dashboard page of your Google Cloud console. To know more about Google Cloud projects, read the Google Cloud documentation.
Google credentials Paste the content of the JSON file that contains your service account key. To know more about the Google Cloud authentication process, read the Google Cloud documentation.
Description Enter a display name (mandatory) and a description (optional) for the connection.

Google Pub/Sub dataset

Property Configuration
Dataset name Enter a display name for the dataset. This name will be used as a unique identifier of the dataset in all Talend Cloud apps.
Connection Select your connection in the list. If you are creating a dataset based on an existing connection, this field is read-only.
Dataset Topic Enter or select the name of the topic (file) to be retrieved.
Subscription Enter or select the identifier of your Google Pub/Sub subscription.
Message value format Select in the list the format of the data to be retrieved:
  • Avro: If you select this format, you need to enter the schema of the Avro records to be retrieved.
  • CSV: If you select this format, you need to indicate the type of field delimiter used in the file.
  • JSON: No specific parameters required for this format.
  • Text: If you select this format, you need to enter the path to the Text data to be retrieved.

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