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Salesforce properties

Properties to configure to connect to a Salesforce account.

Salesforce connection



Selection Select or enter Salesforce.
Engine Select your engine in the list.
Connection Salesforce URL Enter the Salesforce service endpoint.

The expected format is the following:

Username Enter the Salesforce username.

The username must be in the form of an email address but does not have to be a valid email address.

Password Enter the Salesforce password associated with the username.
Security key Enter the Salesforce security token.

For more information, see the Salesforce documentation.

Description Enter a display name (mandatory) and a description (optional) for the connection.

Salesforce dataset

Property Configuration
Dataset name Enter a display name for the dataset. This name will be used as a unique identifier of the dataset in all Talend Cloud apps.
Connection Select your connection in the list. If you are creating a dataset based on an existing connection, this field is read-only.
Type Select the type of dataset you want to create:
  • SOQL Query: to query the data in your existing tables.
  • Module selection: to access a specific module located in your Salesforce database account.

If you want to filter a module such as account for example, you can either use the SOQL Query option and write the whole query, or you can use the Module selection option, select the account module and write the condition in the condition field corresponding to the WHERE clause of the query (using the SOQL language).

For more information on the SQOL condition expression, read the corresponding Salesforce documentation.

SOQL Query Enter the full SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) statement to select the data to be retrieved between double quotation marks. For more information about the SOQL, see Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL).
Module selection Salesforce module Enter or select the name of the Salesforce module to be retrieved.
Column selection Enter or select the columns you want to retrieve from the selected module.
Condition Enter the query used to select the data to be extracted between double quotation marks, for example, "name='Talend'" or "name like '%talend_user%'".

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