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Introducing Talend Cloud connectors

This document introduces the connectors you can use in the Talend Cloud applications.
  • Connection: Connections are environments or systems where datasets are stored, including databases, file systems, distributed systems or platforms, etc. The connection information to these systems only needs to be set up once since they are reusable.
  • Dataset: Datasets are collections of data. They can be database tables, file names, topics (Kafka), file paths (HDFS), etc. You also have the possibility to create test datasets that you enter manually and store in a test connection, and even import local files as datasets. Several datasets can be connected to the same system (One-to-many connectivity) and are stored in reusable connections.

Talend Cloud connectors allow you to create reusable connections to a wide variety of system and environments and thus access and read records of extremely diverse data.

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