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The tDie/tWarn components organize a Jobs exit using Priority Levels, an integer value, which are programmatically available in the DIE_PRIORITY and WARN_PRIORITY global variables, respectively.  At lease one Priority Level must be selected.

These Priorities, which are industry standard, include:
TRACE Fine-grained informational events that track Job execution line by line
DEBUG Medium-grained informational events that are most useful when debugging
INFO Coarse-grained informational events to highlight execution process
WARNING Potentially harmful events where execution process continues
ERROR Problematic events where execution process may or may not continue
FATAL Critical events where execution process aborts

As TRACE and DEBUG Priority Levels can generate a huge amount of detail, the recommended best practice is to limit their use to actual debugging scenarios and rarely or never use them in a production environment.

For the remaining Priorities, the recommend best practice is to adopt programming conventions to be widely used across Jobs and projects within the enterprise.

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