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Integrating metadata in the enterprise catalog and improving data accessibility

You work for a large company that sells sport items called ACME Sporting Inc. Your company works with a new reseller called NSR.

A data steward found a new file in a S3 bucket of the data lake and checked its content. The file is a list of purchase orders that comes from the NSR Website.

A Talend Data Integration Job is created to process the purchase order file and send the data to the customer hub.

The Talend Data Integration Job needs to be added in the existing enterprise catalog.

The processed data needs to be analyzed and enriched to comply with the data governance policies applied to all the enterprise data.

The project has already been created in Talend Data Catalog.

You are responsible for configuring and managing the project in Talend Data Catalog.

  • The first use case describes how you can integrate metadata coming from a Talend Data Integration Job in your enterprise catalog.

  • The second use case describes how you can improve data accessibility and protect sensitive data in your catalog.

To replicate the example and use the exact client data, we assume that:
  • An administrator has installed and launched Talend Data Catalog. For more information, see the Talend Data Catalog Installation and Upgrade Guide.
  • A user has downloaded the input data used in this example.

Retrieve the file.

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