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Port information

The following table lists the most important TCP/IP ports Talend Data Catalog uses.

You need to make sure that your firewall configuration is compatible with these default ports or change them where needed.

In this table:
  • Port: a TCP/IP port or a range of ports.

  • Direction: In (Inbound) and Out (Outbound) refer to the direction of requests between a port and the service communicating with it. For example, if a service is listening for HTTP requests on port 11480, then it is an inbound port because other services are performing requests on it. However, if the service calls another service on a given port, then it is an outbound port.

  • Usage: which part of the Product component uses this port.

  • Configuration file: the file or location where the value can be changed.

Port Direction Usage Configuration file



Talend Data Catalog application server and remote harvesting server(s) - Apache Tomcat connector port




Apache Tomcat shutdown port




OUT MS SQL Server database port

PostgreSQL database port

Oracle database port
Information noteNote: The TCP/IP ports are only used by local database servers.

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