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Adding a description to a dataset column

If you need to add more context to a column or to leave instructions to a collaborator, you can add a description to each column of your dataset or edit an existing one.

About this task

You need the Dataset Manager role to create and edit descriptions. For more information about roles, check Talend Management Console User Guide.

The descriptions are available in read-only mode on preparations.


  1. Go to the Sample view of the dataset.
  2. With the Grid display mode, click the column header.

    Description tab selected.

  3. In the right panel, select the Description tab.
  4. Hover over the placeholder text and click the Edit icon.
  5. Add the description and click the Submit icon.


The description has been added. Columns with descriptions are marked with the information icon.

Columns with information icon.

Information noteNote: When using the lookup feature in Talend Cloud Data Preparation, comments previously added in the lookup dataset via Talend Cloud Data Inventory will be displayed in the preparation.

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