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Crawling datasets using the manual selection

The manual crawler mode allows you to directly select which tables you want to import as datasets.

This mode is adapted for a straightforward usage, where you want to retrieve or updates specific tables. However, this means that if changes occur in the database between two runs, you will potentially need to manually remake your selection each time.

Before you begin

You have opened the crawler configuration window, as described in Crawling for multiple datasets.


  1. Select the Manual selection mode.
    All the content of your connection is detected and listed.
    Manual selection of all the content of the connection.
  2. Choose between importing all the available tables from the database, or just specific ones.
    • Import all available tables

      To select all the tables contained in your database, select Tables in the Type drop-down list, select the check box in the Name column header, and click Next.

      Import all available tables from the manual selection.
    • Import specific tables

      If you want to import only specific tables or views, you can use the search field and the Type drop-down list to explore the content of the connection and select the corresponding check boxes.

  3. Click Next and set the sharing configuration.
  4. Click Next and enter a Name for your crawler, Snowflake manual for example, and optionally a Description to describe the use case and scope of the crawler.
  5. Click Run.


The crawling process starts and the selected tables are progressively added as datasets in your inventory. After the sample for a given dataset is available, you can start using it.

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