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Deleting a custom attributes definition

Custom attributes definition that are no longer useful to you can simply be deleted. Custom attributes definition that once brought useful information to your datasets may become irrelevant over time. In the following example, the company you are working for used to handle datasets with different category of information, some containing PII (Personally Identifiable Information), while some did not. In this context, a Contains PII custom attribute was put in place so that the values Yes or No can be added to your datasets. However, your company has started to specialize in datasets that always contain PII, so the attribute is not necessary anymore, and you are going to delete the custom attribute definition.


  1. From the left panel of the homepage, open the Custom attributes view.
  2. In the list of existing custom attributes, look for the Contains PII definition.
  3. Hover over the custom attribute definition and click the garbage bin icon that is displayed on the right.
    Remove this custom attribute icon
  4. In the modal that opens, click Remove.


The attribute definition has been removed from all datasets, and it will not appear anymore in the Custom attributes tiles of the dataset overview.

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