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Predefined semantic types

When you open a dataset sample, the application automatically suggests, for each column, the best data type or semantic type that matches the data.

The table below lists all the supported semantic types.

Native data types
Standard type Description
Text String text
Integer Numeric value
Decimal Decimal numeric value
Date Date including day, month, and year
Time Time of the day
Timestamps Date and time
Boolean Answers with the value True or False
Semantic types
Semantic type Description Origin of data
Academic and professional suffix Academic and professional suffix Talend
Academic and professional title Academic and professional title Talend
Address Line Street number and name Talend
Airport Airport Talend
Airport Code Airport code Talend
Amex Card American Express card Talend
Animal Animal Talend
Answer Answers with the value True or False Talend
AT VAT Number Austrian VAT number Talend
Bank Routing Transit Number Bank routing transit number Talend
BE Postal Code Belgian postal code Talend
Beverage Type of beverage YAGO
BG VAT Number Bulgarian VAT number Talend
CA Province Territory Canadian province Statoids
CA Province Territory Code Canadian province code Statoids
Christian religious title Christian religious title Talend
City City name Talend
Civility Civility Talend
Color Hex Code Color hexadecimal code Talend
Company Company name YAGO
Continent Continent name Talend
Continent Code Continent code Talend
Country Country name ISO
Country Code ISO2 2-letter country code ISO
Country Code ISO3 3-letter country code ISO
Currency Code Currency code ISO
Currency Name Currency name ISO
Data URL URL starting with the word data Talend
DE Postal Code German postal code Talend
DE Phone German phone number Talend
Email Email address Talend
EN Month Month in English Talend
EN Month Abbrev English month abbreviation Talend
EN Weekday Week day or their abbreviation Talend
First Name First name Talend
File URL File URL Talend
Formal title Formal title Talend
FR Postal Code French postal code Talend
FR VAT Number French VAT number Talend
FR Phone French phone number Talend
FR Insee Code French Insee code of cities with Corsica and colonies Insee
FR Commune French municipality Insee
FR Departement French department Insee
FR Region French region Insee
FR Region Legacy Former French regions, prior to the 2016 territorial reform. Insee
FR Social Security Number French social security number Talend
Full Name Full name Talend
Gender Gender Talend
Generic URL Generic URL (Web, HDFS, MailTo, data, file) Talend
Geographic Coordinate Geographic coordinate, longitude, or latitude coordinates with at least meter precision Talend
Geographic Coordinates Geographic coordinates, Google Maps style GPS Decimal format Talend
Geographic Coordinates (degree) Geographic coordinates (degrees), Latitude, and longitude coordinates separated by a comma in the form: N 0:59:59.99,E 0:59:59.99 Talend
HR Department HR department Talend
Industry Industry name Talend
Industry Group Industry group Talend
Inherited suffix Inherited suffix Talend
Islamic religious title Islamic religious title Talend
IBAN International Bank Account Number Talend
IPv4 Address IPv4 address Talend
IPv6 Address IPv6 address Talend
ISBN-10 International standard book number 10 digits Talend
ISBN-13 International standard book number 13 digits Talend
Job Title Job title Talend
Judaic religious title Judaic religious title Talend
Language Language Wikipedia
Language Code ISO2 2-letter language code Wikipedia
Language Code ISO3 3-letter language code Wikipedia
Last Name Last name United States Census Bureau
Measure Unit Measure unit Talend
MailTo URL MailTo URL Talend
Military suffix Military suffix Talend
Money Amount (EN) Amount of money in English format Talend
Money Amount (FR) Amount of money in French format Talend
MAC Address MAC address Talend
MasterCard Mastercard credit card Talend
Month Month Talend
Museum Museum name YAGO
MX Estado Mexican state Statoids
MX Estado Code Mexican state code Statoids
Name Suffix Name suffix (Inherited, academic, professional, or military) Talend
North American state US state and Canadian province Talend
North American state code US state code and Canadian province code Talend
Organization Organization YAGO
Sector Sector Talend
Passport Passport number Talend
Phone number Phone number (DE, FR, UK, US) Talend
Religious title Religious title (Christian, Islamic, Judaic) Talend
SE Social Security Number Swedish person number Talend
SEDOL Stock exchange daily official list Talend
Street Type Street type Talend
Title Title (Civility, academic, professional, formal, religious) Talend
UK Phone UK phone number Talend
UK Postal Code UK postal code Talend
UK Social Security Number National identification number, national identity number, or national insurance number generally called NI number Talend
US Phone US phone number Talend
US Postal Code US postal code Talend
US Social Security Number US social security number Talend
URL Web site URL Talend
US County US county name Wikipedia
US State US states Talend
US State Code US state code Talend
Visa Card Visa credit card Talend
Web Domain Web site domain Talend
Weekday Day of the week Talend

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