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Creating a filter using a validation rule

Use a ValidateGroup function to filter out rows containing an invalid element.

In this example, create a filter to display only the employee in the Denver location.


  1. Select the row (0:*) element from the Input (XML) table and open the Validate tab.
  2. From the Functions tab, select ValidateGroup and drop it in the Validate tab.
  3. Double-click on ValidateGroup.
    1. Enter TEST in the Message field.
    2. Enter a number, for example, 11.
  4. In the Data section, drag-and-drop the input element that you want to validate. In this example, use Location.
  5. Select Location from the Input (XML) table and open the Validate tab.
  6. Insert a validation function that returns a Boolean. In this example, select the Contains function from the Functions palette.
  7. Double-click Contains and enter Denver.
  8. Drag-and-drop the Location element from the Input (XML) table in the Input Value section.
  9. Select the row (0:*) element from the Output (XML) tab.
  10. In the SimpleLoop, add the IsValid function in Filter section.
  11. Click Test Run to display the employee in Denver.

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