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Flat representation properties

  • Newline type: Select whether you want to define a newline based on your platform or specify a custom one.
  • Newline character: Enter the character sequence that represents a newline.
  • Delimiter: Enter the character used to separate values.
  • Number of initial rows to skip: Enter the number of rows from the beginning of the file to skip.
  • Output Delimited Header?: Select this check box to add a delimited header to the output file generated.
  • Physical encoding: Select the type of physical encoding. When using binary encoding, numeric values are formatted using their binary formats, for example a data type Integer (32) is formatted as 4 bytes.
  • Number encoding: Select the type of number encoding for binary numeric values.
  • Padding character: Enter the character to be used when padding.
  • Is positional?: Select this check box to set the size of all elements as their maximum size and set them all as mandatory.
  • Is truncatable: Select this check box if it is acceptable for positional trailing leaf elements to be omitted.
  • Output as delimited?: Select this check box to have children of row element to be output as delimited.
  • Binary encode decimals: Select this checkbox if you want decimals to be output without a decimal sign and left padded with zeros.
  • Pad repeating elements to minimum occurs?: Select this check box to automatically add empty elements to any element that occurs where the actual number of iterations is lower than the minimum required number.
  • Ignore ambiguous inits/terms: Select this check box to handle optional elements sequentially in the order in which they appear.
  • Row element: Select the element that identifies where a new row begins.
  • Character encoding: Specify the character encoding for the data to be processed. For more information, see Character encoding.
  • Trim whitespace on input?: Select this check box to automatically remove any leading or trailing whitespace from the input data for all elements. The non-leading or trailing whitespace is not affected.
  • Pad to minimum length on output?: Select this check box to pad the output to the minimum size with either spaces (character) or zeros (binary).
  • Enforce zero scale on output decimals?: Select this check box if you want to remove all fractional digits for Decimal elements with the Decimal Places property set to 0.
  • Decimal sign is implied on output: Select this check box if you do not want the decimal sign to appear in the output.

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