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Importing IDocs from an SAP server

Talend Data Mapper allows you to create structures by importing IDocs from an SAP server.

Before you begin

You have installed the SAP Java Connector. For more information, see Installing the SAP Java Connector.


  1. In the Data Mapper tab, expand the Hierarchical Mapper node and right-click Structures.
  2. Click New > Structure.
  3. In the wizard that opens, select Import a structure definition and click Next.
  4. Select the type of import, SAP IDocs in this example, and click Next.
  5. Enter your SAP server connection properties, then click Next.
    Property Value
    Host IP address Your SAP server's host IP address.
    System number Your SAP system ID.
    User Your SAP username.
    Password Your SAP password.
    SAP Client Your SAP client number.
    Language The language of your SAP instance.
    Optional properties If any optional properties are needed to connect to your SAP server, click Add and enter the name and value of the property to add.
  6. Enter search parameters if needed, then click Search to retrieve the available IDocs.
    For more information about the search options, see IDocs search parameters.
  7. Select the IDocs to import and click Next.
  8. Select the folder in which you want to create the structures and click Next, then click Finish.


Your structures are now created.

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