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Mapping an input to three outputs

Configure your map to filter records from an input file and write the result to three different outputs.


  1. Drag the input order element to the output APACRecord, EMEARecord and USRecord elements.
  2. Click the APACRecord element and drag and drop an Equal function from the Functions tab on the Filter argument of the SimpleLoop.
  3. Drag and drop the input region element on the First Value argument.
  4. Drag and drop a Constant function on the Second Value argument, then double-click it and enter APAC in the Value field.
    With this filter, the APAC output will only contain records in which the value for the region element is APAC.
  5. Right-click the Equal function and click Copy then right-click the Filter argument in the EMEARecord element and click Paste.
    This allows you to copy and paste the function and its arguments.
  6. Change the value for the Constant function to EMEA, and repeat the same steps for the USRecord element.
  7. Save your map and open your Job in the Integration perspective to run it.


When running the Job using the sample XML input, you should get three output files with the following content:

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