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Mapping key/value pairs

Map elements from your input structure to create key/value pairs in your output.

Before you begin

You have an input structure. You can create one using the JSON sample provided in Creating key/value pairs.


  1. Create a new standard map and add your input and output structures.
  2. Drag and drop the input id element on the output key element to use the item IDs as keys.
  3. Drag and drop the input name and description elements on the corresponding output elements.


Your map is configured, you can use the Test Run feature to check the result. In the example, the output JSON looks like this:
    "items": {
        "ABC123": {
            "name": "MBIKE",
            "description": "27.5 inch electric mountain bike"
        "DEF456": {
            "name": "EBIKE",
            "description": "Electric hybrid bike"
        "GHI789": {
            "name": "WBIKE",
            "description": "Women's road bike"

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