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Migration steps for XML Schemas

When you import an XML Schema created in 6.x versions of Talend Data Mapper, you get a different Structure, which may cause an issue for the schema evolution. To import the XML Schema created in 6.x versions, perform migration steps.


  1. Import in a new empty folder. Avoid importing on top of the 6.x Structure.
  2. Clear the Optimize generated structures check box.
    This action creates a more verbose Structure, closer to the 6.x model.
  3. Copy the map you have imported as map_copy.
    1. Switch the input from the 6.x Structure to the newly imported Structure.
    2. Fine tune map_copy until it works properly.
    3. When the map_copy is fully operational, switch your component to use map_copy.
  4. Open the map_copy you created in the previous step. You will likely see several warning messages such as "Warning - The Structure element corresponding to this map element is no longer in the Structure."
    1. Select the input root element.
    2. Right-click to select Delete Invalid Map Elements from the drop-down menu.
    3. Close or save map_copy. Re-open it. If you see the remaining errors, these require manual fixes. See step 5.
  5. If you still encounter errors after performing steps 1-4, fix the error manually.
    1. On the top right corner of the Talend Data Mapper problems view, click the arrow pointing down.
    2. Select the Copy to Clipboard option from the drop-down menu.
    3. Paste the content into a text editor. This makes it easier to locate the map functions in error.
    4. Locate the functions that are causing errors. These usually refer to an element that has moved to a different location.
    Information noteTip: For your convenience, you can switch back and forth between the Tree and Text display of functions. To do this, use the Preferences > Mapping dialog.

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