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Unsupported features

The following features and functions are available in standard maps but are not supported in DSQL maps.


  • The Emit loop instance if Empty option on the standard map SimpleLoop function can force produce an output element when there is no input available. There is no equivalent for the DSQL FROM clauses; unless the output is mandatory, no output is produced if there is no input available.
  • Chaining a DSQL map to another map directly is not supported. You can chain two tHMap components as a workaround.
  • Validation functions, which allow standard maps to emit error messages when the incoming data does not satisfy certain rules, are not available in DSQL maps.
  • For XML, the option Emit empty optional elements on output is always enabled, even if it is disabled in the XML representation properties.


  • All Data Masking functions
  • All InputOutput and Database functions
  • AnyConcat
  • ConvertFromBinary
  • Choice and ChoiceValue
  • ExecuteMap
  • ExtractBytes
  • FlatToHierarchyLoop
  • GetBytesFromURL
  • GetElementProperty and SetElementProperty
  • GetSequenceFromLocalFile
  • GetValueFromExternalMap and SetValueFromExternalMap
  • IndexRangeLoop
  • LoopCopy
  • LoopReference
  • LoopVariable
  • MapValues and ValueMapping
  • NameValuePairLookup
  • ReadNested
  • RecursiveLoop and other recursion capabilities
  • XPathFunction and other XPath capabilities

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