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Using a DSQL map in a Data Integration Job

Create a Job that uses an existing DSQL map.

Before you begin


  1. In the Integration perspective, right-click the Job Designs node and click Create Standard Job.
  2. Enter a name, purpose, and description for your Job, then click Finish.
  3. Add the following components to your design workspace and link them with Row > Main connections:
    • A tFileInputRaw
    • A tHMap
    • A tLogRow
  4. Double-click the tFileInputRaw, click the [...] button next to the Filename field and select your input JSON file.
  5. Click the tHMap and click the [...] next to the Map Path field, then select the map you created.
  6. Click the tLogRow, click the [...] next to Edit schema, and add a column.


The Job is configured, you can run it and check the results. In this example, the following result is returned:

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