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Using a version in a Talend Job

Preparation versions can be used in data integration or Big Data Jobs in Talend Studio.

In Talend Studio, the tDataprepRun component allows you to reuse a preparation, or any of its versions, and apply it on data with the same model.

You still have the possibility to use a preparation in its current state, but using a specific version can ensure that it is always the same state of a preparation that is used in your Jobs, even if the preparation is still being worked on, thus providing more consistency.

The following example will illustrate a Job that applies an existing preparation version on a Salesforce input, and outputs it to a Redshift database.

This preparation was made on a dataset containing basic customer information such as names, phone numbers and email addresses. A few steps have been applied to remove formatting errors in the name entries, and to delete invalid values from the phone numbers.

Two versions have been created during the preparation: one after the first two steps, and another one after the third step.

Before you begin

  • You have created a preparation with at least one version in Talend Data Preparation. In this case the existing preparation is called contacts cleansing.
  • The data imported from salesforce must have the same schema as the dataset used to create the preparation in the first place.


  1. In Talend Studio, create a new Standard or Spark Job.
  2. In the design workspace of Talend Studio, add a tSalesforceInput, a tDataprepRun, a tRedshiftOutput, and link them together using two Row > Main links.
  3. Select the tSalesforceInput component and click the Component tab to define its basic settings.

    Make sure that the schema of the tSalesforceInput component matches the schema expected by the tDataprepRun component.

  4. Select the tDataprepRun component and click the Component tab to define its basic settings.
  5. Enter your Talend Data Preparation connection information.
  6. Click Choose an existing preparation to display a list of the prepations available in Talend Data Preparation.
  7. Select the checkbox in front of contacts cleansing, that contains the preparation version that you want to apply, and click OK.
  8. Click choose a version to select from the list of available versions for your preparation. In this case, select version 1.

    By default, the Job uses the current state of the selected preparation. Using the current state instead of a fixed version means that in the context of collaborative work, someone possibly made changes, that you are unaware of, on the preparation. As a consequence you cannot know exactly what the outcome of your Job will be. This is why it is safer to use a version in your Jobs.

  9. Click Fetch Schema to retrieve the schema of contacts cleansing.
  10. Select the tRedshiftOutput component and click the Component tab to define its basic settings.
  11. Save your Job and press F6 to run it.


All the preparation steps included in the version of the preparation have been applied to your data, directly in the flow of your Job.

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