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Authenticating to the Talend Data Preparation REST API via an SSO token request

The Talend Data Preparation REST API are secured by the Oauth2 protocol and an Authorization header (Bearer Authentication).

To retrieve a Bearer token from the SSO provider and access the Talend Data Preparation REST API, you will need the Authorization response headers of an HTTP POST request on the /login path.


  1. To retrieve an authentication token, open a terminal and execute the following request:
    curl -v -X POST <tdp_url>/login -d 'username=<USERNAME>&password=<PASSWORD>'

    Where tdp_url is the URL of your Talend Data Preparation environment.

    You will get the following Response header:

    access-control-expose-headers: Authorization
    Authorization: Bearer <token>
  2. Request any Talend Data Preparation REST API with the following Authorization request header:
    Authorization: Bearer <token>

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