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Creating an execution task and scheduling it

This section describes how to create an execution task in Talend Administration Center in order to execute the launch-report Job created in Talend Studio. It also describes how to define a trigger to launch the execution task once per month.


  1. Connect to the Talend Administration Center Web Application.
  2. In the menu tree view of the Web Application, expand Conductor and click Job Conductor to display the execution task list.
  3. From the toolbar on the Job Conductor page, clickAdd to clear the Execution task configuration panel.
  4. On this configuration panel, set the parameters required for executing the launch-report Job as the following:
    1. In the Label field, type in the task name.
    2. In the Project field, select the data quality project in which the launch-report Job was created.
    3. In the Branch field, select trunk as the branch of this project.
    4. From the Name list, select the launch-report Job to be used.
    5. In the Version list, select the Job version you want to launch; and in the Context field, select the context in which to run the Job.
    6. From the Execution server list, select the server which you want to use to execute this task.
  5. Click Save to validate the configuration of this execution task.

    The new task is displayed in the Job Conductor page under the data quality project.

  6. From the task list, select the newly added task, click Triggers.
  7. Click Add trigger > Add CRON trigger.
  8. In the Cron Trigger configuration panel, fill in a name for the trigger and click Open UI configurer.
  9. Select the minute, hour and date at which to execute the task and click Apply modifications.

    The selected data is displayed in the trigger configuration panel.

    This trigger means that the evolution report will be re-generated at 3:15pm of the first day of each month.

  10. Click Save.

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