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Stages of building document templates


The below figure illustrates the stages of building document templates in Talend DQ Portal BI platform.

Talend DQ Portal analyzes the enterprise data, produces analytical reports and saves them in its datamart.

The BI Developer uses the analyses in Talend DQ Portal database to develop document templates. This is the proper state of every analytical document that has to be developed, corrected, modified or improved, and, therefore, it is the initial state of every new analytical document.

The BI Tester verifies the formal correctness of the developed document templates and if they fulfil the requirements before making them available to be implemented in the end-user web page. This is the state of an analytical document which has to be tested in order to check if it works correctly returning the requested result for each possible configuration.

The BI Administrator validates the tested document templates and registers them in the end-user web environment page to make them available to the BI end-users.

The BI end-user can use all the document templates in a 'validated' state, according to his role and with the modalities previously defined in the parameters configuration. This is the state of a document template that has been properly developed, tested, and validated and can now be employed by the final user.

Information noteNote: Talend DQ Portal groups the administrator, developer and tester roles under one unique role: BI administrator. When you access the Portal using the administrator login information, you have the rights of a developer, tester and administrator at the same time.

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