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Executing the Route to implement the data service


  1. Click the Run view to display it and click the Run button to launch the execution of the Route. You can also press F6 to execute it.

    The Route is successfully started.

    Screenshot of the console results after successfully running the Job.
  2. Switch to the ActiveMQ Web console. The incoming queue is already created.
    Screenshot of the incoming queue in the ActiveMQ interface. The queue has one consumer.
  3. Enter the following message body in the incoming queue and send the message.
  4. In the Route designer, we can see that the message payload is sent to the Web service. The Web service gets called and the response is sent to another queue, OUT as we have configured.

    The message body of this queue is printed on the console.

    Message in the console.

    We can also view the OUT queue from the ActiveMQ Web console. It has one message in it, as shown below.

    Screenshot of the queues in the ActiveMQ interface. The outcoming queue has one message pending and one message enqueued. The incoming queue has one consumer, one message enqueued, and one message desqueued.

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