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Using Data Shaping Selector Language

Data Shaping Selector Language is a subset of Data Shaping Language used to select nested data in hierarchical fields.

Data Shaping Selector Language is used in the HTTPClient connector in Talend Cloud applications and in the tHTTPClient component in Talend Studio.

Data Shaping Selector Language is based on AvPath syntax. It allows you write a selector, which is a concise query that is then converted to a Data Shaping Language query to be evaluated.

For example, the selector .customer{.rating > 700}.name is equivalent to the following query:
FROM customer
WHERE rating > 700
Information noteImportant: Data Shaping Selector Language cannot be used in Data Shaping Query Language.

Core concepts

  • Selector: A selector is a sequence of steps to reach a specific field in nested data. Each step must contain at least location step, and it can also contain any number of predicates.
  • Location step: A location step is used to locate a field in the current context. It starts with a dot, which can be used alone to refer to the entire context or followed by a field name. For example: .customer
  • Predicate: A predicate allows you to filter the data selected in a location step. There are two types of predicates:

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