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Defining roles in a campaign created by integrated matching

Upon the deployment of the MDM data model in Talend MDM as part of the integrated matching processes, a Merging campaign and a data model are automatically created in Talend Data Stewardship.

The data model is attached to the campaign to map the MDM data types to the data types in Talend Data Stewardship, and the campaign holds the duplicate records which are not merged automatically.

The names of the campaign and data model are suffixed with -tmdm.

A campaign owner needs now to define what data stewards are part of this Merging campaign.

Before you begin

  • An administrator has created stewardship users and assigned them roles in Talend Administration Center. For further information about creating users, see Creating Data Stewardship users.

  • You have been assigned a campaign owner role in Talend Administration Center.


  1. Log in as a campaign owner which is referenced in the MDM configuration file.

    For further information about configuring the integration with Talend MDM, see the online theory into practice about using Integrated Matching to reconciliate customer data.

  2. On the Campaigns page, click the search icon on the top-right corner and enter tmdm to filter the list and show only the Merging campaigns created by integrated matching.
  3. Click the name of the campaign where you want to add data stewards to open the campaign metadata.
    The name, type and data model attached to the campaign are read-only.
  4. Click Roles in the left-hand panel.
    The roles should match those referenced by the MDM data model. Talend Data Stewardship automatically retrieves associated read/write permissions on each attribute of the data model.
  5. Click in the Roles field and select from the list one or more data stewards to whom you want to assign the role.
    This list shows all the users defined in Talend Administration Center and assigned the role of data stewards.
  6. Click Edit campaign to save your changes.
  7. In the home page, click Campaigns and click the name of the campaign to open it and assign the task to the data stewards you have just defined.

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