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Getting familiar with the user interface

Talend Cloud Data Stewardship has an easy-to-use interface which makes your intervention on data easier than ever.

You can follow the guided tour which introduces you to the key elements and functions in the application and which gives you the possibility to import sample content to help you get started quickly.


  1. Log in as a campaign owner or as a data steward.
    The options available in the homepage depend on your role and if you have a Platform license which includes Data Quality.

    The Campaigns or Tasks page lists all the campaigns you are part of.

    Campaigns page.
    The icons next to each campaign name give campaign owners quick access to important management options including editing, copying, exporting, or monitoring the campaign.
  2. From the campaigns list, click the name of the campaign you want to open.

    From the bars on top of the Campaigns page, you can display more information about the open campaign and its tasks. You can interact with the content to navigate and access other pages for which you have access right according to the role assigned to you.

  3. On the top bar:
    • Click Data Stewardship and select the application you want to switch to from the list of available applications, or click the icon to the left to go back to the cloud environment homepage.
    • Click Help to open the online documentation.
    • Click the login name and use the open list to:
      • Open a guided tour which provides guidance about the key elements and functions in the application and also import sample content which helps you get started quickly.
      • Access Talend Support and Community web sites.
      • Set up your user profile preferences where you can edit you personal information, set up your language and region preferences, and change your password.
      • Log out and relog into Talend Cloud Data Stewardship.
      The top bar in the interface.
  4. On the menu bar:
    • Click the campaign name to display more information about the campaign.
    • Use the State list to access tasks which are in different transition states in the campaign.

      Available states vary according to the states which have been defined in the workflow of the campaign and according to your access rights.

    • If you open a campaign as a data steward, use the list on the left to switch between the tasks assigned to you or new tasks in the current campaign.

      From the new tasks list, you can assign tasks to other data stewards part of the same campaign.

    • Click the Undo and Redo arrows to undo or redo the latest action done on the task list in the current session.

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